About this Website

This page details the implementation of the website. If you’re instead looking for information about me, see Bio.

This is a static website where the content has been written in Pollen, a language based on Racket. Since this would not be esoteric enough on its own, I also use redo to build the webpages.

If you are using the same combination of software, please let me know.

Pollen & Racket

Racket is a dialect of the Scheme programming language, with an emphasis on creating languages due to the flexible macro system. There is even a lovely online book about this specific concept in Racket, aimed at beginners, who have done only little programming (although it definitely remains interesting to more experienced folk).

Thus, Pollen is a language implemented on top of Racket. As a consequence, using the Pollen markup language still allows to fall back to a full programming language. Additionally, the data representation of tagged X-expressions for representing an HTML tree fits amazingly well.


Redo is a build system that easy to wrap your head around and understand. At the same time, it is quite powerful as well as easy to embed in other languages/frameworks/setups/build tools. I’ve started using this approach for my Master’s thesis and continue to do so for my experimental setup. I’ve been meaning to write in more detail about how I use redo, but haven’t yet gotten around to it, unfortunately. (If you are interested, please let me know; it will motivate me to actually write about it.)